Lagunitas "Lucky 13 / Northside Lounge

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     I would like to share an experience, two experiences actually. I have a buddy that I have been trying to go out and grab a brew with for a while. We finally found a night that worked for both of us. He suggested a place that he heard had 14 taps serving craft beer. I said great, and immediately checked out their website. Indeed the website touted 14 beer taps. However, the beer flowing from these taps was not listed on the site. Right there I knew this could be interesting. I have been in establishments that brag about having many taps, and half are Budweiser variations, and the other half are boring. I like when a bar keeps an updated list of the taps they have online. Maybe that is unrealistic, but I still like it!
    The Northside Lounge is the bar we visited, it is located in Manville, NJ. It is on a street corner, and the outside looked nothing like I had imagined from their website. It looked like a typical 1980’s old man bar. We walked in and indeed, there were a few old men sitting at the bar watching baseball. There were a few t.v.’s. One was showing a Yankee’s game, One a Met’s game, and the other a DVD of South Park. My buddy and I being Yankees fans, sat in front of that t.v. The walls behind the bar had some gargoyles crawling up the walls, a big bottle with a skull on the top. There was an assortment of Craft beer banners and flags hanging on the walls, like Brooklyn Brewing, Ommegang, and Boulder Beer Co. This place seemed rather eclectic to say the least. The food menu looked good, and I enjoyed the extremely hot wings! There were 14 taps and most of them were craft beers. One was Coors Light. We tried a couple beers, one of which was pretty amazing. Lagunitas “Lucky 13”. I have to say I was liking the place until… Obnoxiously loud music started blaring. A DJ set up in the back and busted out with non-stop rap music. It just did not seem to fit, and was quite annoying. But  hey, if you like craft beer and Hip-Hop, rock on this is the place for you! On to the Brew!

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    The LagunitasLucky 13” was served in the proper glassware, (I love when a bar has the correct glasses to serve their beer!) a trappist glass. It had a dark reddish body and a one finger thick khaki colored head. The aroma mostly reminded me of an IPA, (Despite the fact that it says it is an “American Stong Ale” which is not a real style, It seems mostly IPA to me.) with a solid floral hop smell with a bit of malt. The taste had a big hops flavor upfront with a malty backbone. There was a nice citrusy grapefruit aftertaste. The mouthfeel was thick, and over all this was a very smooth and easy brew to drink. As we enjoyed this brew it displayed an impressive blanket of sticky lacing the entire way down the glass! “Lucky 13” also does a great job of hiding it’s 8.3% ABV. This beer has become an instant favorite for me. If you are Lucky enough to find it on tap or in your local brew store, you will be in for a treat! Here’s to Good Beers!

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