Long Trail’s “Double White”

      Summer 2012 is quickly descending upon us! I am now is “Summer Beer” mode! I will be looking to try as many light, crisp, and refreshing tasty brews as possible this summer, as will a lot of you I am sure! The best thing about craft beer is that words like “Light, Refreshing, and Crisp” do not translate into “Flavorless”! Summer craft brew can be jam packed with amazing flavors! I stumbled upon a brand new brew from a well known Vermont brewery. It sounded like a potential Summer Brew, so of course I had to try it!
       Long Trail Brewing Co.’s Brewmaster Series “Double White” Imperial Belgian Style White Ale. Normally a Belgian Style White would be considered (in my book) a great beer to enjoy in the summer months. I was interested to see what and Imperial version from Long Trail would be. It pours a cloudy golden hay color, with a two finger thick creamy white head. The aroma gives orange citrus notes, pepper and coriander spice, and funky yeast smells. The taste follows closely to the aroma with crisp strong earthy, spicy, and citrusy flavors. The mouthfeel is medium to full. The finish is bitter and dry with a biscuity aftertaste. This brew is a Summer Beer kicked up a level! The 8% abv is well hidden, but it is there! Here’s to Summer and Here’s to Good Beers!

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