Magic Hat "Howl"

About a month ago my good friend and home brewing partner Steve-0 took a trip to Vermont with his family. While he was there he stopped by a local brewery and picked up a few growlers of fresh beer and brought it back to Jersey for him and I to try. The best thing about these beers were that they were only available at the brewery (at least at that time). There is just something satisfying about beer that came straight from the brewery’s tap! Even more exciting was that we had beer not released in bottles yet!
Be on the look out for
Magic Hat’s autumn seasonal named “Howl”. This black lager or Schwarzbier is not one to miss! Fresh from a Magic Hat growler it poured a dark brown with a thin beige head. There are rich aromas of dark chocolate, mild roasted coffee with a hint of smoke. The taste is right in line with the great smell. This beer reveals itself in layers, first the roasted coffee and smoke, then a complimenting cocoa powder flavor. The finish is perfectly bitter and clean. The ABV is right where it needs to be at 4.6%.The mouthfeel is what completes the experience, full and creamy with moderate carbonation!  This is a great beer to enjoy on a howling cold winter night! Here’s to Good Beers!

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