Mamma Mia’s “Pizza Beer”

      We have all seen them in the beer isles at our favorite brew stores, specialty beers. They promise out of the ordinary and out of the box flavors or flavor combos. These are the beers that make you ask “Why?”! I say why not? Life is short, step outside your comfort zone and try one just for fun! Here is a good one…
      Mamma Mia’s Pizza Beer“, brewed at and distributed by the Sprecher Brewing Co. comes in a 16oz bottle. It pours a sunset orange, with a white one finger thick foamy head, with nice lacing. The aroma is very strong with pizza spices. (My brain immediately recognized the smell as pizza sauce.) Although the aroma is a little too strong, as it also kinda smells a little like vomit. The taste is split between pizza spices and beer. The spices really do not not marry well in this. There are flavors of oregano and garlic, There is a little heat from garlic. Then light malt and grain. The 4.7% abv is not noticalble at all. The finish is short and light. The spices fade immediately. Not that I minded.
In my opinion, this is a fun novelty brew. It might be fun to grab one of these and chill with some friends while eating pizza. It should make for some conversation and a good laugh. Maybe even put it in a wine glass as the label suggests! It is defiantly worth try. Be adventurous! Here’s to Good Beers!

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