My 100th Brew Review ~ Moylan’s “Hopsickle” Imperial IPA

      Time for a change up. In the past few posts I have been embracing winter and thebrews that come with it. However, I am now looking forward to warmer weather and want to get back to some hoppier brews that remind me of sunnier days. Sometimes there is nothing like an intensely bitter American IPA to change things up a bit. These beers are not for the faint of palate. They are an acquired taste, and when you acquire the taste for the grassy, cirtusy, and bitter flowers called hops, you can’t get enough. At that point you are a full blown “Hop Head”. The only fix for a “Hop Head” is an Imperial IPA, also known as the “Hop Bomb”. These brews are known for being extremely hoppy, with IBU’s sometimes reaching over 100, and having a higher ABV. One of my personal favorite “Hop Bombs” is from a brewery in California, a state that puts out some amazingly hoppy beers.
       Moylan’sHopsickleImperial IPA pours a bright clear copper color with a big, fluffy two finger thick off-white head. The aroma is strong with floral and citrus hops. The taste is very sweet upfront with citrusy grapefruit hops, and eventually changes to earthy and bitter. The finish is slightly dry and bitter. If were you looking for balance, you cracked open the wrong brew. That is not to say this is not a good beer. I think this is an excellent brew! I for one enjoy the big flavor swing from sweet to bitter. Balance is not something I typically look for in an Imperial IPA, for goodness sake it is an Imperial IPA! This beer is what it means to be Triple Hoppy! Here’s To Good Beers!
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