Neshaminy Creek “Leon Russian Imperial Stout”

      Spring is in full swing, Summer is right around the corner. One of my favorite things to doLeon is to be outside at sunset, light up the fire pit and enjoy a cold brew. Although there’s another tasty treat that is synonymous with fire… S’mores! S’mores were what was up when we were kids! Obviously can still enjoy them as adults. However, as proved by one brewing company they can be enjoyed in a more adult way!
     Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.Leon Russian Imperial Stout” brewed with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers is part of the “Flood Water Seasonal Series” It pours thick and black like a milkshake, with a dark brown head. The aroma gives off light wafts of chocolate and alcohol. The taste nails the s’mores flavor! Chocolatey, Vanilla Fluff and even Graham Crackers are all identifiable. The mouth-feel is extra full and light on carbonation. The finish is dry and sweet. The 11.8%abv is almost undetectable. This brings back childhood memories of making s’mores around the camp fire! This is very unique and Def worth a try! Here’s to Good Beers!


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