New to the Farmhouse

This brew was a gift from my wife. Beer as a gift, is the next best thing to getting money as a gift! This is a Saison or Farmhouse style brew. This is actually the first I have tried in this style. It came in a 1pt 9.4oz bottle with a cork top. I used my Trappist glass for this, although I read a tulip would be better. It poured a vivid gold color with a large, sudsy, light tan head. It smelled lightly of citrus and yeast. The first sip brought on spice and carbonation. It was easy to drink, with a medium mouth feel. There was slight taste of yeast and hops, as well as a hint of lemon and perhaps some coriander and ginger. There was a little warmth from the 6.9% ABV, but I live in Central NJ where it has been a cold winter! Sly Fox describes this as a Belgian style Saison. When I think of Belgian Style I think of a stronger flavor. I found it to be a lighter taste and feel than what I would have thought, but it was refreshing. I thought this was a solid brew. However, this was my first experience with a “Farmhouse” ale. I think I will need to have some more of these Saisons for comparison! If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears! Here’s to good beers!

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