NJ Beer Co. “1787 Abbey Single Ale”

     Sometimes I enjoy things that dare to be different. I think it is easy to put things into categories and judge them on certain criteria. Indeed there is a place and a time for that. However, I also enjoy when breweries dare to put a spin on a style of beer that deviates from what is typically expected within that style. These beers make things interesting. It’s almost like you get a peek into the imagination of the brewer. I picked up such a beer in a six pack I mixed a few weeks ago. It is no secret among my family and friends that I love Beer and I love New Jersey. I was really excited when the New Jersey Beer Company opened.

     One of the first brews I was able to get a hold of was their “1787 Abbey Single Ale”. This brew was made to celebrate the year NJ joined this Nation as the 3rd state. It pours a hazy bright straw yellow with a thin, sudsy white head that lasted for a while. The aroma was reminiscent of a Abbey Ale. The smell was bready with a bit of clove spice, followed by fresh apple and a hint of wet hay. The taste was just as interesting as the aromas. At first the taste was very subtle, not one flavor really dominated. After letting it warm up for a couple minutes the flavors started to peel back like layers. Just like the aroma, the flavors of bread, cloves, and hay were present but with a nice hint of hops and pepper in the short and sweet finish. The mouthfeel was light but not watery. This is a very interesting Belgian style ale. The 4.8% ABV makes it a nice sessionable beer. I know I could sit down with a couple of these and be content. This is a very unique and tasty beer. If you are lucky enough to live around or be visiting the Garden State look for this and other offerings from the New Jersey Beer Company! Here’s to Good Beers!

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