North Coast "Old Rasputin"

Have you ever not tried something because you have heard so much hype about it? Sometimes I will almost boycott something because I think it can’t possibly be that great, or it is just overrated. Now mind you I have not tried this thing that I have heard so much about, and I have already judged it. I guess I have to get over myself occasionally and cut through the hype and figure it out for myself, rather than write it off because everyone else talks it up so much. I kind of did this to a beer that I had heard an over abundance of gushy praise for. Even when I did get around to buying a bottle I let it sit in the back of my fridge for over a month. I don’t know why I was punishing myself. For this is something I vow never to do again. I shall never fall victim to my own preconceived notions based upon hype.
North Coast Brewing Co.’sOld RasputinRussian Imperial Stout, is the beer I so arrogantly neglected to try despite the fact I had it in my fridge for weeks on end. I must say that this was a great beer. It poured a slick black body with a large and in charge brown head. I let this brew sit on my coffee table for almost 20 minutes and the head had barely shrunk. There were delightfully rich chocolate, vanilla, and roasted grain aromas wafting from the glass. The taste was even more delightful than the aromas. The flavors were layered and controlled very well. Smokey espresso, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Hops, hints of whiskey and licorice provided for a very tasty experience. I got some heat from the alcohol, but not close to revealing the full 9% ABV. The full mouthfeel was incredibly smooth and satisfying. I immediately thought that this would be a great beer for a float or pared with cheese cake. My wife thinks an almond biscotti might compliment this brew as well. This stout seemed to be the full package and I regret not having tried it sooner. This will not be a mistake I make again! Here’s to Good Beers!

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4 Responses to North Coast "Old Rasputin"

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my Top 5, Old Ras is a go-to for me. Give PranQster a try too.

  2. Jym says:

    Thanks For Checkin' out the Blog Anonymous. I actually did a post I think last month on PranQster, that was also a very solid brew. Cheers!

  3. Tom says:

    Nice review! Glad you enjoyed it. I strongly recommend getting your hands on Old Raspy XII. It was aged on bourbon barrels and is basically my favorite stout of all time.

  4. Jym says:


    Thanks For the Suggestion! Old Rasputin Wood Aged sounds pretty epic!

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