North Coast "PranQster"

    A couple posts ago I talked a bit about mixing 6 packs. I listed some reasons why one would want to buy several different beers instead of six of the same. I have another reason to add to said list. Technically there are a handful of beer styles, but within those styles there are a myriad of variations. Mixing a six is a great way to try more than one example of a style of beer! In the most recent six-pack I mixed I got a couple different Belgian beers. Both of them Belgian Ales. One was dark, and one was a Golden Style. I thought it would be interesting to find out the difference between the two. My palate is not as experienced with Belgian beers as other styles. The number of variations of Belgian beers alone is quite intimidating. Anyway, on to the Brew!
    I picked up a 12oz bottle of North Coast Brewing Co.’s “PranQster” Belgian Style Golden Ale. The pour revealed it to be a hazy golden orange, with a thin, white head that disappeared fast. Left behind was a thin layer of dead yeast at the bottle of the empty bottle. Fruity aromas of raisins and unripe bananas wafted in from my glass. While the initial aroma was fruity, a closer smell unveiled yeast, malt, and hay. The taste was initially fruity as well with hints of dried cherry, honey and spice. I could taste the yeast and floral hops toward the middle / end of the brew. It finishes clean with a bit of a funky barn aftertaste, but it is not overbearing at all. Personally this may not be my favorite of all the Belgian beers I have tried. However, I did find this to be a solid brew that was tasty and enjoyable. I am glad I grabbed a bottle. Here’s to Good Beers!
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