Old Friend, New Brew

So I met up with my old roommate from college to have dinner and a brew. We decided on a place that was a halfway point for us. Just so happened that at this establishment, they were having a “Meet the Rep” night. A representative of the Blue Point Brewery in Long Island (Gary Rosen) was there talking it up and giving away some cool stuff, nice guy too. I made away with a pint glass. I was also able to have that glass filled with Blue Point’s Rastafa Rye Ale from the tap. It was a gold amber color with a thin head. It smelled fruity, with some yeast. At first taste you know it is an IPA with the slight piney grapefruit taste, but there is a spiciness that seemed to control the bitterness of the hops. It was a smooth brew that I could see being a session beer for sure. Just be mindful of its warming ABV of 7.5%. A solid offering to Jah from Blue Point. Here’s to Good Beers!

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