One Good Stout

I am a huge fan of stouts. To me a good strong stout is just like getting a big bear hug from a best friend. You can’t beat that! I had the chance to have a pint of Dark Horse “One Oatmeal Stout” on tap. It was very dark reddish brown, almost black. The color fit the aroma as it smelled like dark chocolate. It had a thin caramel head and it looked like a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Looks did not deceive as my first sip reminded me of sweet roasted coffee. Hints of sweet chocolate and coffee were followed by a nice bitter bite at the end. It had a medium mouth feel, and the 8% ABV was noticeable but way in the background. I rather enjoyed this brew. Dark Horse “One Oatmeal” is a stout I most definitely would have again given the chance! Don’t be afraid of the dark beers people, embrace them! Don’t let the word “oatmeal” throw you off either. Here’s to Good Beers!

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