Pangaea Beer Co’s “Liljas Sasquatch Stout”

      This past weekend I went to my local brew store and mixed a six-pack. I find mixing a six is perfect for beer lovers like myself that are uncomfortable with committing to six of the same beers! Plus this gives me the freedom to be frugal. I can purchase beers that I know I will like and beers that I have never seen or heard of before, instead of several whole six-packs. I don’t like buying a whole six-pack of beer I have never tried before, but I will buy a loose bottle or two! I did grab a brew from a brewery in Wisconsin that I was completely unfamiliar with this time around. The label peaked my interest, and I don’t really get many WI beers here in Jersey, so I had to try it!
       Pangaea Beer Company’s “Lilja’s Sasquatch Stout” comes decorated with a white 3D Sasquatch on the busy label. Pangaea has all of their beers brewed at Sand Creek Brewing Co. This stout pours a solid black, with a two finger thick light khaki colored head. The aroma reveals roasty sweet dark malt, oats, and chocolate. The taste is very robust with cocoa, roasted coffee, oats and dry dark chocolate. The finish is long and bitter sweet, with some hops balancing out this dark beast! The mouthfeel is full, smooth and creamy. The 7% ABV is warming and complimentary to this beer. This is a solid stout, and I would be willing to try any beer coming from Pangaea in the future! Here’s to Good Beers!
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3 Responses to Pangaea Beer Co’s “Liljas Sasquatch Stout”

  1. Wayne says:

    We came across Liljas Sasquach Stout at the Kewaunee, WI Lions Club beerfest, Roar on the Shore, this past weekend. My wife likes dark stouts. She absolutely loved this stout.

  2. BOB BEYER says:

    I live in Janesville WI and would like to know where I can purchase Liljas Sasquatch Stout

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