’s "Hop’Splosion" IPA.

In my last post I wrote all about the Tweet Up at Victory Brewing Co. I did leave one thing out about my experience while I was there. I had the pleasure of meeting up with the guys from Spanning the course of the night I had multiple chances to talk with these three guys (Shane, Mike & Nick), and share a couple quality brews. It was great getting to know them and everyone else that was there. At the end of the evening Nick announced that he had a six-pack of IPA he had recently home brewed, and anyone that wanted a bottle to take home was welcome to it. The man gave away beer to someone he only knew for a couple hours, and not just beer he bought, beer he toiled over. That’s generosity!
Nick calls this IPA “Hop’Splosion. It poured a hazy burnt orange with a Huge, creamy off-white head. (Note: this may be due to all the travel it went through to get to my refrigerator.) The head did calm down and subside into a nice one finger thick cap. It smelled like I would expect from a good IPA, citrusy hops, sweet malt, and a touch of pine needles. Initially it was like biting into a ripe grapefruit. After giving it a few minutes to warm up a few degrees, more of the malt flavors opened up. Hints of caramel and toast. The intense grapefruit bitterness seemed to mellow into more of an apple flavor. The finish was clean and slightly dry. I do not know what the ABV was on this IPA, but everything seemed to be in its place for this beer. The lacing was decent, and it had a medium mouthfeel. I think this was a rather solid example of the IPA style. I would like to thank Nick and all the guys at for being top notch beer enthusiasts, and sharing their beer with me! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. Shane | Passion Beer says:

    Thanks for reviewing this, Jym! Glad you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed it as well. I'll be contacting you soon to ship my Belgian Tripel out, hopefully you'll review that, too!

  2. Jym says:

    Shane, I totally Enjoyed this brew! I look forward to checking out, and most certainly reviewing this Belgian Tripel! Thanks again and Cheers!

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