Pilsner Urquell

     As much as I love all the innovative, creative and just plain off the wall crazy beers in the world right now… You have to respect the classics. I’ve said this countless times throughout my blog posts over the years. In the midst of trying all the new craft beers on the shelves, perfectly good benchmark brews can be overlooked. It’s a good idea to revisit these brews regularly to be able to more appreciate and understand today’s craft beers. It’s good to understand styles and how brewers are building upon and evolving them. I was recently reminded of this when I found a very generous package at my front door last week. It was a twelve pack of Pilsner Urquell!
     It pours clear and golden, with a finger and a half of pure white foamy head. The aroma is grassy, with notes of fresh bread, pale malt and grain. The flavors are sweet caramel and toast upfront, then balanced by a grassy hops bitterness. The finish is long, bitter, clean, crisp and dry. Absent are any of the weird cloying or metallic flavors that you get with macro Pilsners. It sports medium body with sharp carbonation. With an 4.4% This was a session beer before session beers were cool. This is surely not a beer to be overlooked or taken for granted. Pilsner Urquell wrote the book 175 years ago and set the bar for the style. If you haven’t had one lately, it would behoove you to treat yourself to this fantastic staple in Pilsner history. Here’s to good beers!

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