Pizza + IPA = GOOD!

There is no doubt that there are just things in this world that belong together. Beer and Pizza is a combination that you can never go wrong with. The question is “What beer will you have with your pizza?” I Dare not ask the question. “What is the best beer to have with pizza?”. I believe that is all relative and personal preference. I personally enjoy IPA’s with my pizza. Some people enjoy lager, ale or a pilsener perhaps. Last night I knew I wanted an IPA but figured I would keep an open mind when I went into the store. Within minutes of cruising the isles I came across the section where all the Southern Tier Brews are, and a very Shiny label caught my eye. I had not seen this beer before. It was the their “Imperial Gemini” I picked it up and began to look it over and found that it is Southern Tier’s Imperial Double IPA. My mind was made right there, this would be the best beer to accompany my pizza!
The Southern Tier “Imperial Gemini” I purchased was in a 1pt. 6fl. oz. bottle. It has an AB
V pf 10.5%. It smells of citrus like a really ripe grapefruit. Upon first taste it was very bitter but finished sweet. However, the bitterness quickly smoothed out and my palate warmed up to it. It was medium bodied and had very little lacing action. Despite it’s higher alcohol content there was not an overwhelming alcohol warmth or taste to it. I would say this was a very balanced brew. Great with pizza for sure! If you like crisp bitter IPA’s than give this one a try! Here’s to Good Beers!

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