Port Brewing Co. “Santa’s Little Helper”

      Putting out milk and cookies has been a tradition Santa has come to expectSanta's Little Helper from our children for a number of years now. A more recent addition has been carrot sticks for his reindeer. Why does Santa and his team of magic flying deer need these goodies to fortify them? Could it be because he was out partying late on Christmas Eve with his “Little Helper”? No, not an Elf! This little helper…
      Port Brewing Co.’sSanta’s Little Helper” Imperial Stout pours black pours black as night with a two finger sudsy brown head. The scents of chocolate malt, roasted coffee and sweet caramel are soft and tempting. The taste brings on chocolate, smoke, honey, vanilla, spicy hops, coffee, alcohol and molasses. The 10% abv is present, but what do you expect from an Imperial Stout? The mouth feel is medium and creamy. The finish is hoppy, bitter, warming and long. This is a bold and complex beer! A great holiday sipping brew! Merry Christmas and Here’s to Good Beers!

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