Pumpkin in Spring

I know it is spring time and not fall. Does this tiny triviality mean that I can not enjoy a pumpkin beer? Well, I am not going to let the fact that everyone is dying eggs instead of carving gourds keep me from my love of pumpkin! I don’t feel all that conflicted about reviewing what would technically be classified as a “fall” brew in spring. This pumpkin beer is not the ordinary pumpkin “Ale”, it is a Pumpkin “Stout”! The Cape Ann Brewing Company wrinkled my brain! As I was in my local brew store looking for something interesting I saw the words “Pumpkin Stout”. It took me a second to wrap my mind around the concept… “I love pumpkin, I love stouts! This should make for an adventure.”
    Cape Ann Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout: I purchased a six-pack of 12oz. bottles. It poured a dark brown and produced reddish, tan head about two fingers thick. It was very aromatic, sweet chocolate with roasted coffee. It had a smooth mouthfeel, light carbonation and a caramel malty finish. It was a bit of a taste hunt to find any sign of pumpkin. It had a dominant smokey roasted coffee flavor, with a smidge of chocolate. It took a few sips before I was able to pull out any hints of clove and nutmeg to provide the pumpkin flavor. I did enjoy this mainly as a stout. Personally I love pumpkin, and prefer a pumpkin beer to have more of a pumpkin pie presence than this brew provided. It did make for an interesting stout that I would enjoy again, given the chance! Here’s to Good Beers!

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