Reissdorf Kölsch

      Well everybody, here we are in the last week of July. I hope it has been a little bit cooler for you than it has been here in New Jersey as of late! The recent intense heat of 100+ degrees inspired me to find a beer to help me combat the hot weather! Looking for a refreshing, drinkable and tasty beer is easy to find if you know where to look. Germany makes some of my favorite summer beers, with styles like Hefeweizen, and Kölsch. Speaking of, I don’t believe I have ever mentioned Kölsch beer before on this site! That being the case, let me recommend one for you!
      To battle last week’s NJ heat wave I picked up a 500ml bottle of Reissdorf Kölsch for under $4 bucks! It poured a clear yellow hay color with a two finger thick pillowy white head that lasts for about a minute. The aroma is of light malt, grassy hay, lemon zest, hops. The taste is also light, but don’t mistake that for bland. This brew is packed with flavor, and tastes just like it smells. This brew is simple, drinkable, light and refreshing. This brew is perfect when paired with a hot, humid summer day. The 4.8% ABV make this a great session beer. The finish is dry with a bitter hop bite and sharp carbonation. The mouthfeel as you can imagine is on the thin side and very drinkable Next time you are looking for a refreshing summer brew you may want to look towards Germany! Here’s to Good Beers!
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