Rock Art Brewery “Extreme Double Porter Smoked”

      Happy Summer fellow craft beer enthusiasts! If you were to walk into your local brew store right now, you may be a little over whelmed by the vast summer seasonal offerings from all of your favorite craft breweries. Even more, there are numerous styles to choose from that compliment summer. Some may prefer a lower alcohol, light tasting Lager or Pilsner, some enjoy Fruit Beer, Wheat Beer, or a hoppy Pale Ale. Allow me to suggest another style of brew that may pair perfectly with your cook outs this summer!
      One of my favorite beers to pair with meat is Porter and the Rock Art Brewery’sExtreme Double Porter Smoked” is just right for a cool summer cook out! It pours a brownish amber color with a large, creamy three finger thick off-white head. The aroma is remarkably similar to the smell of freshly grilled meat, with caramel and malt. The taste starts out with a smoked bacon flavor and malt, before the bitter hops make themselves know, along with a tinge of alcohol from the 8%ABV. The finish is bitter and smokey. The mouthfeel is medium with moderate carbonation. I imagine that that brew would pair nicely with a burger hot off the grill topped with a sharp cheese! Beer = Good, Grilled Meat = Good, a beer that smells and tastes like grilled meat is perfection! Happy Summer and Here’s to Good Beers!

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