Rogue Ales / Voodoo Doughnut “Bacon Maple Ale”

      It is easy to get sucked in by the allure of specialty beers. On several occasions I have been psyched out of my mind when I find a beer promising exotic flavors or ingredients, only to be incredibly disappointed by faux ingredients or nonexistent flavors. I have learned to be weary of specialty beers over time. However, not all are disappointments in a bottle or can. It helps if you try specialty beers from trusted, quality breweries. Recently there has been a lot of buzz and major differences of opinions regarding a specialty beer from Oregon. Of course when it finally came in NJ I had to see for myself what the big deal was…
       Rogue Ales / Voodoo DoughnutBacon Maple Ale” – Voodoo Doughnut, located in Portland and Eugene Oregon is home of the “Maple Bacon Bar” Rogue and Voodoo Doughnut have joined forces and released a beer that mimics the legendary breakfast confection. Technically this can be considered a Smoked Beer. It pours a reddish amber color with a sturdy two finger thick off-white head. The aroma is enticing with maple and smoke. The taste starts out malty sweet with delicious maple syrup, and then the smokiness of the bacon doesn’t just reveal itself, it marries with the maple perfectly. Then there is a slightly bitter doughiness rounds out this brew for the full doughnut effect. I think I can only describe it as breakfast in a glass! I can say that this beer delivered on every promised flavor. I have been burned by too many beers that have promised bacon, and I could not find the slightest bit of bacon in it! This brew has restored my faith in bacon flavored beer! The 6.5% abv was barely present. As far as specialty beers go, this beer is exactly what it lead me to believe it should be! I’m not making a trip to Seattle anytime soon to try the real doughnut so I can only imagine this is the next best thing… if not better. I mean come on, this is beer we are talking about! Get one and try it for yourself,. You can order it directly though Rogue’s Webstore! Here’s To Good Beers!
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