Russian River / Sierra Nevada “Brux – Domesticated Wild Ale”

This may be a little late, but Happy 2013 everyone! This year seems to have hit the ground 20130130-212051.jpgrunning! Last month I busted out 4 Holiday reviews for you guys! Now I am back to once brew review a month, with some bonus ones randomly. My first review of ’13 is a very complex collab beer from two legendary breweries.
Russian River Brewing Co. and Sierra Nevada’s collaboration brew “Brux – Domesticated Wild Ale” Belgian Style Strong Ale is worth looking for. It comes in a 750ml corked and caged top bottle. It pours a clear golden orange color. Then is swiftly topped by a boisterous white head that settled down almost as quick as it formed. The aroma only gives hints of the complexities to come. Their are mouth watering smells of tart apple, pear and grape along with some sweet malt, funk and peppery spice. The taste is sweet and slightly buttery at first, before revealing fruity pineapple, lemon and grapefruit flavors. Then releases peppery saison characteristics. At times it can be a little sour. There really is a lot going on in this. The mouthfeel is medium with big carbonation. The finish is dry and hot. The abv is 8.3% and it come across in the end here. This is a very interesting beer. A great collaboration, and def keep one for a few years an see how it transforms. This beer screams “Age Me!” so grab two. Here’s to Good Beers

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