Samuel Adams 2010 "Octoberfest"

    Here it is, October already. The days are really getting shorter now and the temperatures here on the East Coast are finally starting to drop (We had a Brutal Summer, with hellish temperatures here in NJ!). We have been seeing more and more Fall beers on the shelves and on tap. One that I am sure everyone is familiar with is Samuel Adams Octoberfest. This is Sam Adams Fall seasonal in the style of a Marzen or Oktoberfest beer. This should be realitively easy for everyone to find, considering that Samuel Adams is one of the largest Microbreweries in the Country!
    The Sam Adams “Octoberfest” pours a radiant orange / amber color, with a thin white head that dissipates in under 60 seconds. It has an earthy aroma that starts off with hops and malt followed by a sweet yeast smell. Even before the taste I noticed that the mouthfeel is full and creamy with light carbonation. The taste is rich and flavorful. The malt flavors dominate this beer with caramel and brown sugar. It is not all sweet though, this beer has layers. Just under the sweet malt flavors is a nutty bread flavor that balances the sweet quite well. There is a slightly bitter hops bite in the finish, and a non offensive hint of wet hay in the aftertaste. The 5.3% ABV is never obtrusive and is low enough to enjoy a couple back to back. I really enjoyed this years Octoberfest from Sam Adams! At first I thought that this year’s Octoberfest was better than last years. But I am not sure now. I really have expanded my palate for beer since I started this blog back in the winter. So I am not sure if this year’s October fest is better than 2009’s or if I appreciate and understand it more? Either way it is a great beer so get some before the winter seasonals come out! Here’s to Good Beers!
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