Samuel Adams “Fat Jack”

FAT JACK      Guess what! This is my 20th Pumpkin Ale review since I started this site in 2010! Anyway, We are right smack in the middle of Fall folks! How many pumpkin beers have you tried so far? I’ve tried a few as I do every fall on my perpetual journey to find the tastiest pumpkin ales. Back in 2011 I reviewed Sam Adams “Harvest Pumpkin Ale“. Did you know that Sam Adams also makes another pumpkin ale? They do…
      Samuel AdamsFat Jack Double Pumpkin” pours a deep auburn color topped with a one finger thick tan head. The aroma is filled with all the traditional pumpkin pie spices. The taste starts out spicy, but gives way sweet caramel and brown sugar flavors. All the while there is an earthy squash / pumpkin flavor in the background. It’s finishes malty sweet with a little heat. The 8.5% abv seems right for this brew, it’s warming but not too boozy. This seems like a natural step up for those looking to try bigger pumpkin ales and not knowing what to try. I also dig the label art! Def a must try Pumpkin Ale! Cheers to Good Beers!


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