Samuel Adams / Weihenstephan “Infinium”

      If you keep up with any of the buzz in the Craft Beer Scene, you have probably heard about “Infinium”. It’s a collaboration effort between the U.S. Craft beer Giant, Samuel Adams and the world’s oldest brewery Weihenstephan from Germany. The beer they set out to make is supposed to be a Champagne Beer. However, they needed to brew this inside of the German Purity Law of 1516 “Reinheitsgebot”, stating that beer can only be made from water, barley, hops, and yeast. This law has been repealed but it seems that many German breweries like to stay true to this tradition. Champagne Beer is not something new really, but perhaps “Infinium” is the first Champagne Beer brewed inside the four ingredient tradition. Either way it is good to see two very well established breweries coming together to push boundaries while keeping craft beer fresh and new! Of course, I wanted to get a hold of this newly released beer rather quickly to see how it lives up to some of the hype it has generated. I found that it sold out at most brew stores in my area in a couple days. When I did find “Infinium”, it was $25.00 and one per person. A little out of my normal beer price comfort zone, but I figured it would be a Beerventure worth having at least once!

      “Infinium” pours an orangey clear amber with a big white foamy head. The bottle I got seemed to be a little bit of a gusher, so I had to pour rather slowly to control it. The buttery aroma was very busy with grapes, alcohol, apple, yeast, spice, plastic, and must. The taste seemed to be just as busy but in a good way. Upfront I tasted alcohol and grapes. After my palate had a minute to adjust and the beer got closer to room temperature, spice, yeast hops, and earthy floral flavors came out to play. The finish was sweet, peppery and dry. The carbonation is lite and fine as is the mouthfeel. The 10.5% ABV is pretty potent. I have had beers with higher ABV’s, but this one will sneak up on you quickly. This is a very interesting beer, but is just what it claims to be, a Champagne Beer. Now, is it worth the $$? I have seen “Infinium” range between $20 and $30. I think it is worth it as a one time purchase to celebrate an occasion with a group of people. After that I suppose it becomes worth it if you enjoy it that much! It may also be worth it to buy one and hold on to it for a couple years, to see how it ages! Here’s to Good Beer!

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3 Responses to Samuel Adams / Weihenstephan “Infinium”

  1. Aging probably won’t do this one any good. I believe it says on the bottle to consume by July 2011. At any rate, I wasn’t impressed with this beer — definitely not for the price tag. Good to try once? Sure. I wouldn’t buy it again, though.


    • BrewThusiast says:

      Eh, Aging is a weird animal, I have had some beers that probably should not have been aged and it was interesting to see how they mellowed out or fell apart. Either way I am with you on this one! This was worth the $$ to try once, after that I am quite over the hype. It was Interesting to say the least. I personally would also not invest in it a second time! Hope all is well and Cheers Sir!

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