Schneider-Weisse "Aventinus" Weizenbock

About a year ago my wife and I were guests at a long time friend’s wedding. I left our table to get a beer, expecting to return with at least a Yuengling and found that my options were more numerous than I had thought they would be. There were multiple choices from Dieu Du Ciel, Scheider-Weisse and other imports that one would not normally find at a typical wedding reception. I found out that these beers were left over from an event the day before and the hall was unloading all these left over brews on our friend’s wedding guests! This was the day I first tried what is now one of my all time favorite beers.
While I did enjoy a couple of the other beers, the Schneider-Weisse “Aventinus” Weizenbock has been a solid favorite of mine since that night. Everything about this beer seemed close to perfection. It poured a dark reddish mahogany color, with a lasting two finger thick off-white pillowy head. The aroma had delightful notes of banana, yeast and caramel. The taste was complex and layered with dark fruits. Sweet rich raisin and fig flavors were complimented by a lightly sour prune character. Banana and clove added a nice spice balance to this beer. The finish was long and had a slight warmth from the 8.2% ABV, that never seemed quite that high. This had a very full bodied mouthfeel. This is a great beer that I believe everyone should experience at least once if not repeatedly over time! Here’s to Good Beers!
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2 Responses to Schneider-Weisse "Aventinus" Weizenbock

  1. Ilya Feynberg says:

    I LOVE THIS BEER! I don't care how common of a beer it is and how easy it can be to find…it's one of my favorites of the style…easily.

    The Aventinus was one of the first "good beers" that I had, so it naturally holds a special place in my heart as a result.

    I'm bringing a few bottles for some friends at an upcoming beer meet up that I have going on in Austin and they'll be blown away.

    Great review, and great beer! 🙂


  2. Jym says:

    Ilya, I totally am with you on this! The fact that this beer is so easy to obtain does not change the fact that this beer is epic! Enjoy your meet up and thanks for the kind words! Cheers!


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