Sierra Nevada / Dogfish Head “Life and Limb 2”

      Well, much like the world of pop music craft beer seems to be enjoying success with
collaboration efforts. Who does’nt enjoy when big musicians come together and record epic tunes? In the same fashion, well known breweries also like to join forces and brew legendary beers for the masses to fawn over! It is always interesting when two or more brewery’s get together and come up with fantastical ideas and push tasty boundaries. The only problem for some of us is that these beers may only be in limited release or in very high demand. Despite the fact that I could not find a certain collab brew anywhere,’s own reporter and all ‘round awesome dude Os (insert Twitter) picked me up a bottle. So Thanks to Os for hooking me up and Mike (The head of @NewJerseyCraftBeer) for helping unite me with this brew!
       Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head brewery’s “Life and Limb 2” (the first batch was released in 2009) American Strong Ale pours a very dark mahogany color with a thin silky beige head. The aroma is very alluring with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, wood, anise and hints of smoke and citrus. There are a myriad of flavors going on in this brew. Taste – myriad of flavors going on in this brew. At first the alcohol seems a bit strong, but as it warms up a swirl of complimentary flavors emerge. There is a commanding bitter hops presence along with cola syrup, vanilla, dark chocolate, brown sugar and whiskey. The mouthfeel is full and super creamy with an abundance of carbonation. The finish is sweet, long, syrupy and hot from the 10.2% ABV. This is a very tasty and complex beer. Be warned you may want to pick up more than one bottle of this brew! Here’s to Good Beers!
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