Sierra Nevada “Tumbler”

     Here in NJ it is getting cold, really cold! In other parts of the country snow is being shoveled, and people arestarting to make holiday plans. Don’t let the fact that it is December fool you. Until the 21st it is still officially the fall season. I know people have already started to embrace the winter seasonal beer releases, but don’t forget there are still some great fall beers to be had out there! Try them before it really is Winter and they are gone! In fact allow me to make a fall beer suggestion!
     Sierra Nevada’sTumblerBrown Ale, is a beer not to be missed this season. Even the packaging screams a brisk fall afternoon. It pours an amber color with a large two finger thick foamy head. The aroma is sweet, and nutty with notes of smoke and coffee. The taste follows suit with the smell but with the additions of caramelized sugar, and hazelnut. The mouthfeel is full and the 5.5% ABV is just enough to fight off any Autumn chill. The color, aromas, and flavors of the beer compliment the season perfectly! Here’s to Good Beers!
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