Sierra Nevada’s 2011 “Bigfoot” Barley Wine Style Ale

There have been rumors and hoaxes about it. There are movies, T.V. shows and countless documentaries dedicated to it. Some call it the “Missing Link”, some call it “Big Red Eye”, and some call it “Skunk Ape”. Scientists call it “Gigantopithecus”, but mostly we know this mysterious beast as “Bigfoot”. People dedicate their lives to studying and researching Bigfoot. Let me drop you an informational nugget, Bigfoot can be sighted every winter emerging from the town of Chico, California. Well, at least in the form of a really tasty beer!

Sierra Nevada’s 2011 “Bigfoot” Barley Wine Style Ale pours a clear, dark red amber. Topping off this big brew is a huge three finger thick, pillowy head that shrinks down to a thin layer that provides for some beautiful lacing to the very bottom of the glass. The aroma is super hoppy and floral, with citrus notes and fresh caramel. The taste initially brings raisins and burnt caramel, and then switches over to the bitter side with grapefruit rind and pine. The mouthfeel is medium and oily with sharp carbonation. The 9.6% ABV is not over powering and controlled very well for a Barley Wine. The finish is bitter and dry. It is still winter for at least a day or so, go find “Bigfoot”! Here’s to Good Beers!

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  1. Ray says:

    Do you know what the alc volume is?

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