Sierra Nevada’s “Northern Hemisphere Harvest”

     Are you a “Hophead”? Are you one of those craft beer drinkers that just can’t get enough bitter, citrus, grassy goodness in your brew? This seems to be a popular trend in American Craft Beer as of late! I say this with the knowledge that to the discerning beer drinking this is not news. However, There are those that just don’t understand what Hops are, what they do, or how they provide the balance a beer needs to be a good beer! I mean one large commercial claims to be “Triple Hops Brewed” and it seems like I can barely find any hops in that beer at all! Hops provide aromas and flavors and balance out the sweetness of the malt and other flavors! There are a few ways of adding hops to a beer. You can add dried hops pellets or the whole dried hops flower. Some beers are wet hopped though, meaning that breweries close enough to hops fields can get hops freshly harvested into their beer within hours of coming off the vine! Some breweries will have them shipped and added into their batches in one to two days! This makes for some tasty beers!
     A couple months ago I checked out Sierra Nevada’s “Southern Hemisphere Harvest”, a wet hopped ale with hops flown in from New Zealand. This time I tried their “Northern Hemisphere Harvest”. This is also a wet hop ale. The hops used for this are fresh Centennial Hops harvested from the Yakima Valley in Washington. This American Pale Ale pours a beautiful caramel amber with a big, three finger thick off-white head that has excellent retention. The aroma amazing, with malty sweetness and juicy citrus hops! The taste starts out very sweet with a light fresh hops taste. As I got further into the beer the hops presented their bitterness more and more. The rich hops flavors are sure to please the Hopheads! There is a biscuity malt characteristic that provides a satisfying balance to the beer. The 6.7% ABV is perfectly subtle. Personally I thought this was really nice, and a great value at just over $5 for a 1pt 8oz bottle! Are You a Hophead? Here’s to Good Beers!

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2 Responses to Sierra Nevada’s “Northern Hemisphere Harvest”

  1. claire says:

    I haven’t seen this one here in South FL. Must keep my eye out. I love SN Celebration Ale. I am definitely a hophead!!

    • BrewThusiast says:

      Claire, I also Love the Celebration Ale! I can never get enough of that stuff! Northern and Southern Hemisphere’s are totally worth looking for! Cheers!

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