Sierra Nevada’s "Southern Hemisphere Harvest"

    Craft beer is not for everybody. American Craft beer drinkers tend to be a little more adventurous, and have an open mind. We are always looking for something new and exciting to try! Sometimes we will walk out of the brew store not knowing if we will even like what we have purchased! Some may think that is crazy to spend $10 on a beer you have not had before, but that is part of the adventure! I think it is crazy to buy the same beer over and over again! I don’t eat the same meal every day or wear the same outfit every day, so I can’t imagine drinking the same beer all the time no matter how much I like it! I recently took a gamble at my local brew store. I walked out with a bottle of beer I had never had before but from it’s description, it sounded really good!
    I purchased a 1pt 8oz bottle of Sierra Nevada’s “Southern Hemisphere Harvest”. I love IPAs so in that aspect it isn’t that much of a stretch for me. Some may say, “What’s the gamble here? It’s Sierra Nevada!” I tell you that there are still people that can not wrap their head around buying a beer that they have not had, seen before, or gotten a good referral by a friend! So technically buying this brew blind is a gamble! I pulled out the tulip glass for this beer. It poured a beautiful bright and hazy copper, with a big two finger thick off-white head. The aroma was just like fresh delicate hops, ripe citrus fruits and light pine. There was a delicious well controlled hop flavor with light fruitiness. There is a solid butter toffee malt back bone to support and balance this delightfully hoppy IPA. This beer is incredibly tasty and a great buy for the price! ($5 bucks and change.) I wish I had bought two! So for those that need a friendly referral, If you come across this beer, Buy it and Enjoy! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. BeerWineGuy says:

    love your commentary on the adventure of trying new beers vs. drinking the same thing that you know all the time. there are so many interesting and great beers out there and more keep coming out on a very regular basis. The hardest part for me is trying to keep up.

    I also enjoyed the Southern Hemisphere ale and would recommend their Estate Homegrown Ale. it's a bit on the spendy side ($10 for a 22oz) but it's worth getting at least one, for adventures sake. cheers!

  2. Jym says:


    Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed this post. I agree the hardest part is trying to keep up! I really wanted to try estate this past spring and I could not find it anywhere, which with why I jumped all over this when I came across it! Thanks again! Cheers Sir!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the Estate is the better of the two, but I had the Harvest on tap and it was wonderful. +1 for trying beers….I have no idea why people would be so shy. It is, after all, still beer at the end of the day.

  4. Mike L says:

    I picked up a growler of some Beer Camp brew from the taproom yesterday. I can't even remember the name of it at the moment only that it's a Belgian yeast concoction that I cannot wait to get home and pour!
    Thanks for the great reviews.

  5. Jym says:

    Enjoy that "Belgian Yeast Concoction"! Cheers to you Beerventurer! Thanks for Checkin out the Reviews!

  6. Mike L says:

    Westnatte Lupulus.

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