Sixpoint “Abigale”

Abigale      It’s not often I find a beer that I enjoy enough to make me buy a full six-pack. Even more rare is a beer that inspires me to buy multiple six-packs! In the last two months I find myself craving this beer. What beer has you hooked right now?
      SixpointAbigale” Belgian Ale is canned perfection. It pours a clear amber color, with a one finger thick white head. The aroma is just as one would expect from a really good Belgian Ale, banana, cloves, bubblegum and spicy yeast. The taste immediately let’s you know this is not just any Belgian Ale, it’s a big hoppy beautiful Belgian best! The flavors of sweet malt, tropical fruity hops and citrus peel play perfectly with the spicy Belgian style. The mouth feel is medium. The finish is hoppy and citrusy with a peppery heat. I especially mean it when I say this is a beer to stock up on! Here’s to Good Beers!


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