Sixpoint Brewery “Apollo”

      Last week I started this year’s quest for tasty “Summer Beers”. I started with a brew that was perhaps on the heavier side of this category. This week I explore a brew that may fit the description a little better. As you may have figured I use the term “Summer Beer” pretty loosely. I don’t conform to just drinking beers that display “Summer” on the label. I think a Summer brews can be more than these. Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent self-proclaimed summer beers out there! But I like to stray from the path most taken, so for today let’s look “outside the bottle” and into a can!
       Sixpoint Brewery’s “Apollo” is a Wheat Beer, perhaps in the style of a German Kristallweizen. In true Sixpoint style you will not find a written style claim anywhere on the beautiful 16oz can. It pours a hazy golden yellow color upon which a 2 finger thick fluffy white head sits. The aroma is spicy and wheaty with notes of bubble gum, clove and banana. The tase is initially sweet and slightly fruity with bubble gum and banana. As the palate warms the wheat, malt and spice flavors become more predominant. The mouthfeel is medium to light. The finish has a tart apple quality with a nice dash of that clove spice. The 5.2% abv makes this more of a sessionable brew. This is a delicious “Summer Beer”! To all those who stay away from canned craft beer… more for me! Here’s to Good Beers!

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