Sixpoint Craft Ales “Resin” / The BrewThusiast’s 2 yr Anniversary Review

      First I would like to say this is The BrewThusiast’s Two Year Anniversary! Many Thanks to everyone who checks out the site, reads the reviews, comments on the reviews and interacts with all the accompanying social media outlets! It is awesome talking with you guys! I have even met and shared a brew with a few of you! Thanks for proving that quality beer brings out the best in people! Cheers!
      February has hit, and Christmas seems like it was yesterday. Now is the time when all the hoppy beers start to surface and everyone gets crazed for those tasty high IBU brews! Over on the West Coast people can’t wait to try and get some of the legendary “Pliny the Younger”, Mid Westerner’s look forward to their “Hopslam”, and all of us here on the East coast are waiting for this years batch of “Nugget Nectar”! Let me inform those of you who don’t know, there is a new comer this year to the Hophead’s ball! A new release from a New York brewery. I was able to get a 4-pack of this brand new, canned Double IPA as soon as it hit my local brew store! Let me introduce to you…
      Sixpoint Craft Ales’ “Resin” Imperial / Double IPA (no where on the packaging does it claim to fall into any kind of style) comes in a slick, skinny 12oz can, much like that of an energy drink. It pours a deep amber color with a 3 finger thick, creamy off-white head. The delightfully pungent aromas of this piny hopbomb hit my nose before it left the can! The delicious smells of pine needles, citrus, caramel, malt, candy sugar and vanilla are only a clue as to the goodness contained in this brew. The taste is sweet and malty upfront, with a smooth transition into a very dominate hoppy pine flavor that brings notes of biscuit and caramel. The 9.1% is very controlled and it never seems like a 9+% beer. The mouthfeel is full, creamy and smooth, while the finish is very hoppy and leave a nice pine resin aftertaste. Unlike all the aforementioned beers, according to Sixpoint’s website this will be a year round brew! Go out and grab a 4-pack of this tasty canned hopbomb! Here’s to Good Beers!

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