Small Town Brewery “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”

      Happy Summer all! If there is one thing that I have cone to appreciate in my early 30’s, it’s nostalgia. Anything that can take me back 15-20 years and make me feel like a kid again is awesome in my book! I love being an adult with responsibilities and all, but every now and again it’s nice to play some Mario Kart 64! You know what I mean? This month a certain brewery in Illinois dropped a huge nostalgia bomb on us all! If you don’t know what I’m talking about check Instagram. As I kid I loved Root Beer! I didn’t have it all that often, so on a hot summer day it was a welcome treat. Root Beer floats are just heaven in a glass for a kid!
      Small Town Brewing‘s “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” pours a deep cola brown with a fizzy brown head that is gone in an instant. The aroma is root beer, sweet and spicy root beer. The taste is sticky sweet and spicy. Only in the finish do you detect light alcohol. The mouth-feel is medium, with light carbonation (could use a bit more carbonation). The 5.9% abv is nearly undetectable. Although I’ve seen evidence that there are 10.7% and 19.5% versions if booze is what you are looking for. I have feelings about this. On one hand it is the best Root Beer I’ve ever had, and it makes wicked awesome floats! On the other hand, I am grappling with how to classify this. Is this a beer? Was this brewed to get achieve these flavors and colors naturally? Or is this an alcoholic soda? I don’t have that answer, so I will place it in the category I have placed other weird/interesting beers that I’ve reviewed over the years… Novelty. Of all the novelty beers I’ve reviewed, this is my favorite! An absolute must try! Here’s to Good Beers!


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