Southern Tier Brewing Co.’s “Un*Earthly”

      For some reason when the warm weather arrives I really get a jones for hoppy beers! I enjoy other summer Craft Beer offerings just fine, but I personally enjoy a good Double IPA on a warm summer evening. All the big citrus and pine hops flavors just scream summer to me! IPA’s in general can be a bit exhausting for the palate, so I am not suggesting that this is a sessionable summer style of beer by any means. But if you have a favorite IPA from a particular brewery, chances are that they have a Double or Imperial IPA as well. Give it a try, I think you’re in for a treat! Can you tell I am out to make everyone a Hop Head? Let me suggest a tasty brew for you to start your Hops journey!
      Southern Tier Brewing Company’sUn*Earthly” Imperial/Double IPA pours golden orange with a two finger thick off-white foamy head. The aroma is enticing with pine, citrus, oak, grass, candy, and sweet caramel. The taste was just as complex as the aroma with big toffee, honey, bitter pine, citrus fruit, and caramel flavors. The 11% ABV is controlled dangerously well, because this brew is deceptively drinkable! The mouthfeel is full and sticky. The finish is sweet and bitter at the same time. For being such a big flavorful beer, I would say this is as close to balanced as you can get with an Imperial IPA. This is my idea of refreshing on a warm summer night with friends! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. Funny, a friend came over last night and we threw back the Oak’d version. Made oaky and sticky and after a long day, it was a bit heavy but very enjoyable.

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