Southern Tier "Heavy Weizen" / Summer Seasonals

    Here it is August. We are starting into the home stretch of the summer season, and soon we will not be complaining about how hot or humid it is out. Rather, we will be wishing for warmer days in the summer sun. I personally want to enjoy every part of this season while it is here. The same goes for beer and the summer seasonals. Go to your local brewery, brewpub, or brew store and find out what is available to you as far as summer seasonal beer goes. Try something new and think about how this beer pairs with summer, you will get a peek into the imagination of the brewer and what his/her picture of summer is! About a month ago I did just that with a friend. We met up at a place I know I have mentioned before (Isaac Newtons), where they had a summer seasonal beer on tap.
    Southern Tier’s “Heavy WeizenWheat Ale. According to the commercial description it is an Imperial Unfiltered Wheat Ale. It came off the tap with a solid inch thick white foam head and a hazy amber, almost orange body. It had a pleasant bread like aroma of wheat, yeast and some lemon. The aroma reminded me of a Hefeweizen, until I took my first sip. Some may think of summer beers as being light in color and flavor. Clearly this is not Southern Tiers interpretation of a summer brew. The Heavy Weizen does not lack in the flavor department. I could taste orange peel, floral hops, and spices, especially cloves. It has a sweetness to it as well, with honey and malt flavors. It has a smooth medium mouthfeel, with unobtrusive carbonation. The 7.3% ABV is actually hidden rather well and makes this beer all the more refreshing. Don’t be afraid to try what this summer’s seasonal beers have to offer! Have yourself a Summer Beerventure before you are wishing for warmer days! Here’s to Good Beers!
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