Southern Tier’s “Krampus

     Christmas is days away, and according to tradition, we should be asking ourselves if we have been naughty or nice! If we have been nice we may expect Santa Claus to reward us with presents! If we have been naughty we may be left with a lump of coal. This is a cute modern story that may have come from a darker, more ancient tradition. We all know St. Nicholas rewards good little boys and girls! But according to the ancient Alpine regions, “Old St. Nick”, used to have a travel companion to dole out punishments to the naughty children. “Krampus” is a  demon like, long tongued figure that would carry rusty chains and a birch rod as tools to punish. If you were bad enough, Krampus wouldn’t even bother to beat you, he would just pack you into his sack and carry you off to Hell! Kind of like the modern day Boogey Man. There is a beer that keeps the spirit of Krampus alive. That’s right, you can bring the Anti-Santa home!
     This Christmas bring home Southern Tier’s “Krampus” Imperial Helles Lager.Krampus pours very clear, golden amber with a big sea foamy off-white head. For a Lager it really has a big floral hops aroma, followed by the smell of fresh bread. The taste starts out with bitter grapefuit and piney hops, and then sweetens out with caramel, and bread. Krampus finishes with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet, or should I say naughty and nice! This beer shows excellent head retention and lacing. The mouthfeel is full and creamy. The 9% ABV is hidden very well, meaning Krampus will sneak up on you if you are not careful! This is a great Christmas Seasonal that is a must have for me every year! So if you havn’t been good, hope for Krampus instead of coal this year! Here’s to Good Beers!
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  1. Brad says:

    Krampus is simply amazing….I 100% agree with your review!! The hops make this a hopheads christmas dream come true!!!

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