Southern Tier’s Warlock

2013-10-29 14.23.13      Happy Halloween everyone! I know I am a bit late on this post, but it has been a crazy year! That being said, rest easy I did again pick up my perpetual quest to indulge tasty new Pumpkin Ales! Every year more and more gourde brews are released (earlier and earlier every year too!). Now is the prime time for enjoying these increasingly popular beers! This year a new spin on one of my all time favorite pumpkin ales has been released…
Southern Tier Brewing Company has released “Warlock“, Imperial Pumpkin Stout. This is another addition to their “Blackwater Series”. Warlock pours a very thick and silky black, adorned with a two finger thick khaki head of sturdy foam. The aroma and taste are very similar to “Pumking“. Although, Warlock has a deeper roastiness that wraps around the familiarity of the Pumpking flavors. To me it seemed very much like an upgrade. I’m slightly torn now, as Pumking has been a personal favorite of mine for several years. Don’t misunderstand me Warlock is its own beer, and I can see myself stocking up on this excellent brew! What are your favorite Pumpkin Ale’s of 2013? Here’s to Good Beers!

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