Spaten Optimator

Not that long ago a good friend of mine offered me a brew suggestion. It is not often that he and I are able to do this considering that I am in New Jersey and he is in Texas. However, a couple weeks ago he told me that he had enjoyed an imported doppelbock that I should try. Luckily the name of the brewery was familiar to me and knew I could probably find it eventually. As much as I love suggesting good beer to others, I equally love being suggested good beers! As I was in my local brew store I stumbled upon the beer my buddy suggested, Spaten Optimator. Without a thought I picked up a 6-pack for around $7.50. Next I sent a picture message to my buddy to show him my find! I was excited to not only try a beer I have not had yet, but also connect with a friend who is half a country away over said beer!
 It poured a beautiful dark cloudy amber, topped with a beige one finger thick head that left almost as quickly as it came. It produced sweet aromas of candied fruit, almost like the filling in a Fig Newton. There were also hints of caramelized sugar, alcohol and the faint smell of a dank basement. The taste was pretty much on point with the smell. It was sweet, with a roasted malt backbone, and wisps of chocolate coming and going. There was that slight dank basement funk that made it interesting. I don’t believe this was a bad thing. The 7.2% abv was also a permanent layer in this beer, it was never bashful. The finish was long and dry with a small bitter hop bite. Over all it was smooth and malty, with a medium mouthfeel and good amount of carbonation. The lacing was minimal along the glass but this is not a beer for show, it is a solid German beer that is big on flavor! If you come across this beer, I totally suggest you try it! I know a guy in Texas that will back me up on that! Here’s to Good Beers!
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8 Responses to Spaten Optimator

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey Jim! Just tried the Optimator a couple nights ago and agree entirely with your review. What a great doppelbock. Sure, it's not as mindblowing as the Ayinger Celebrator, but it's really good for the price. I'll be buying this one again, for sure.

  2. Daniel says:

    My apologies, Jym — I misspelled your name in my previous comment.

  3. Jym says:


    No worries about the name. I agree with about the price on this brew. Excellent beer for the price! Cheers!

  4. jesterjunk says:

    I love this beer!

    A few days ago I purchased this:

    Spaten Munchen ~ Giant Beer Stein/Mug 3.0 Liter

    I searched for quite a while and could not find another like it.

    It should arrive some time this coming week.

  5. Sheryl says:

    I just tried the Spaten Optimator last night and I loved it. Had so much rich, full flavor to it. It reminded me of another tasty brew I enjoy, Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Not sure which beer I enjoy better, but I guess the standard answer is the one I’m drinking at the time 🙂

  6. Bill says:

    Optimator is great in a bottle, but it is actually incredibly better on tap. I tended bar in a German restaurant and it was my favorite. Spaten Octoberfest was a close second!

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