Trader Joe’s / Unibroue “2011 Vintage Ale”

      Last year around this time I brought to you a great deal. A top quality Craft Beer at a bargain price, almost in an unlikely place! This year I bring to you the 2011 offering of that same brew, at the same bargain price. That’s right I am re-gifting last year’s New Year’s Review of Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale! Consider this a Vertical Review. It just wouldn’t be the holiday’s without this super tasty brew sold at a rock bottom price!
       Unibroue’sTrader Joe’s Vintage Ale” 2011 pours a dark brown color with a two finger thick frothy beige head. The aroma is chock full of dark fruity raisins, dried cherries and figs, accompanied by citrus, spices, banana, bubble gum and cola syrup. The taste delivers strong clove and black pepper spices initially, followed by dark dried fruit, orange zest, malt and ginger. The mouthfeel medium and full. The finish is long and dry with a touch of alcohol. The 9% ABV is always present but controlled well. This brew reminds me of 2010’s Vintage Ale, but may profit from a year or two of age under it’s cap to achieve the smoothness of the previous year’s batch. Even so, this is still a great beer for the $4.99 price point! Happy New Year and Here’s to Good Beers!
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