Terrapin “Moo-Hoo” Chocolate Milk Stout

      Everyone loves dessert. Seriously, I have never met someone who doesn’t look forward to something sweet as a treat. Have you ever thought about having a beer with your dessert, or even for dessert? Just as you might pair a good brew with your main course, there are great beers that can enhance your after dinner treat, and there are beers that are worthy enough to be that treat! These beers are equally as tasty and diverse. Whether your sweet tooth craves sweet and fruity, or rich and chocolaty, there is a beer out there to satisfy. I personally enjoy a nice thick, rich, chocolaty beer when I am looking for a beer dessert.
       Terrapin’sMoo-Hoo” Chocolate Milk Stout pours jet black with a two finger thick brown fluffy head. The aroma reminds me simply of a deliciously rich chocolate malted milk shake. The taste follows the aroma, but reminded me more of a Mochaccino with a hint of smoke and dark cocoa powder. The 6% ABV is controlled well and never took away from the chocolaty goodness in this beer. The mouthfeel is thick, chewy and incredibly smooth. The finish is long, roasty and sweet. This brew alone would be a perfect dessert and satisfy the biggest chocolate lover! Here’s to Good Beers!
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6 Responses to Terrapin “Moo-Hoo” Chocolate Milk Stout

  1. GrantTastesBeer says:

    I agree. When I heard 6 months ago that Terrapin was coming out with this I got really excited. And when I finally had it, it did not disappoint. I’ve enjoyed almost everything from Terrapin. They are one of the best breweries in the south!

  2. Kash says:

    I hate dessert. And I already know your response is going to be “you would.” So don’t bother.

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  4. Rob says:

    Yeah, this is dessert by itself. But drink two1

    I also love that it’s not this crazy 12% giant stout, with the alcohol barely masked. Great texture and flavors and I think I have a few more sitting around here someplace.

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