The Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale

    One thing I love is when Craft Breweries send Representatives out to local Beer Bars to push their beer! I enjoy this because it usually means a couple of things. Most importantly it means that there will be good beer to try. Second, it means a good conversation about that brewery and its beer will not be hard to find in the representative. One of my local craft beer bars (Isaac Newton’s)  had such a night last week. The Brewery that would be represented was The Duck-Rabbit from Farmville, NC. I was excited because I had not had any Duck-Rabbit beer yet. When I started talking to the rep I found out his name (Paul Philippon), and that he was actually the owner of Duck-Rabbit. Paul started home brewing in 1987 and Duck-Rabbit sold its first beer in 2004. They project to put out 3,500 barrels of beer next year, with plans to expand their facilities in the near future. Paul had been a teacher of philosophy, and when choosing a logo for his beer he chose a picture he liked from a philosophy book. It’s information like this that makes Craft Brewery nights great. Not to mention the free samples! I did sample the Russian Imperial Stout, and had a full pint of the other beer featured on tap that night.
    On Tap, The Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale is the pint I enjoyed. It came with a thin white head and a deep copper colored body. The aroma was moderately sweet, mostly like toffee and a hint of hops. Upfront the taste was right on with the smell, but it did open up with a very mild nutty flavor. The 5.5% ABV is barely noticeable. There was a short clean hops finish to it. This beer has a nice flavor and is balanced quite well. Nothing about it is over bearing. I would consider this to perhaps be a really good gateway beer for those looking for more flavor without being overwhelmed! Thanks to Paul from The Duck-Rabbit, Isaac Newtons for always having quality beer on 19 taps, and a couple members from #PhillyBeer crew for coming out! Here’s to Good Beers!
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2 Responses to The Duck-Rabbit Amber Ale

  1. Granticus says:

    Jym, I'm glad you liked the Amber, but you really missed out if you didn't try their flagship, Milk Stout. I was recently in NC and brought home a six pack of it and am very pleased with my selection. Hopefully they'll carry it up in your neck of the woods soon and you'll get a chance to have it.

  2. Jym says:


    I must say I was a bit disappointed that Only the Amber and the Russian Imperial were available. I have also heard excellent things about their Porter! They are sold in P.A. but not in my home state of N.J. yet. I was told they are pushing out their max capacity and have to add more tanks in order to be able to get into more markets. So hopefully in a couple years they will be in my Garden State! Cheers!

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