Top Bear

Being from Central, NJ, I have not found too much from Bear Republic available to me. Perhaps I just have been looking in the wrong places. Either way, when I see something from Bear Republic available in my area I am there! I was lucky enough to be at my favorite watering hole while Bear Republic’s “Apex” Double IPA was on tap. It came in the typical shaker glass and was a cloudy orange color. The head was finger thick and white. There was a big citrus and pine aroma. It had a great juicy grapefruit taste, a delicious bitter sweet. The lacing action was very defined. It is not a thick beer, it had a medium mouth feel and moderate carbonation. It was very refreshing and easy to drink The finish was spicy and dry with some warmth from the 7.5% abv. While I have had hoppier Double IPAs, I feel this offered a good balance of the hops and malt making it a real treat! Here’s to Good Beers!
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