Trader Joe’s Brews Series #2 "Dunkelweizen"

     Welcome to the second installment of the Trader Joe’s Brew Series. This time around I picked up their Dunkelweizen. Like the Vienna Style Lager I reviewed From TJ’s, this beer is brewed by the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. Also, like my first review, this six-pack was only $5.99. That really is the point of this series, to find the best of the Trader Joe’s beers because their price point is very wallet friendly. At the end of the series I will have a list declaring the beers offered by TJ’s from my favorite to least favorite. This list of course is my own opinion, and would only serve others as a possible guide. I always encourage others to have their own Brewventures and decide what is their favorites! That being said, bring on the Dunkel!
     Rather than having the name “Trader Joe’s” on the label, These bottles had the name “Josephs Brau” or “Josephs Brew”. I suppose this is to give a more German feel to the packaging. As I poured the beer I was hit with familiar smells of a Dunkelweizen. The aroma of dark malt, wheat, banana and dark fruit. It had an orange-brown, mostly opaque body with a two finger thick khaki head that dissipated very quickly. The taste was malty and sweet. I could taste notes of banana bread, raisins, ripe plumb, and dark brown sugar and spices. It had a light mouthfeel that made it very easy to drink. There was moderate carbonation and absolutely no lacing along the glass. This beer would partner up nicely with smoked sausage or easily accentuate a slice of home made banana bread! Once again this is a great beer at a great price!
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2 Responses to Trader Joe’s Brews Series #2 "Dunkelweizen"

  1. Rob Kashow says:

    This one looks good. Be sure to review the Spaten Munich Optimator soon:

  2. Jym says:

    Sir I WILL get to this "Optimator", and when I do, You will be the first to know! Thanks for the recommendation!

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