Trader Joe’s Brews Series #3 "Bohemian Lager"

     For the third installment of my Trader Joe’s Brews Series, I decided to see about their Bohemian Lager. Just like the two previous brews in this series, this beer is brewed by the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. I picked this one up as a loose bottle for only $1.00 plus some change, but it does come in a six-pack for only $5.99. It was nice to see that they also offer loose bottles, and not just in their own brand. I saw Sierra Nevada in the loose basket, along with some Goose Island bottles. I was anything but disappointed in the first two brews I checked out from TJ’s, so I was hoping to have the same luck with this one. Here we go!
     It poured a transparent golden yellow, with a thin white head that vanished quickly before my eyes. It smelled grainy, faintly floral, and malty sweet. The aroma immediately reminded me of most popular commercial light beers. At first I was not sure about this beer because of what the smell reminded me of. However, You can not always judge a beer by its smell. Sometimes a beer’s taste can be better than the aroma it is giving off. I mean think about it, Some cheeses just smell wickedly funky, but taste amazing! Luckily this beer did not smell funky though. It tasted sweet and clean with a small bitter hop finish. The almost unnoticeable 5% ABV. would qualify this as a session beer. It is not the best beer I have ever had, but it is miles from the worst! Of the three Trader Joe’s brews I have tried so far, this is probably my least favorite.
     About half way through this beer I realized its value. Personally this may not be my style of beer, but this would make for an excellent “gateway beer” for some of my friends! This is a more flavorful option for those who typically enjoy the “standard” commercial pilsener/lagers. At the $5.99 per six-pack price point, this beer would be great for anyone looking to try something different but not straying too far from what they know. This beer would pair well with having the guys over to watch *insert televised sporting event here*, with buffalo wings and pizza! Every beer is worth trying once! How else would you know what flavors you like or don’t like? Here’s to Good Beers! 
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