Trader Joe’s Brews Series #4 "Premium Dark Lager"

This fourth installment of Trader Joe’s Brews is imported from Mexico. I was recently in my local Trader Joe’s, sifting through the barrel of $1 loose bottles and I uncovered a beer from “Trader Jose” I think it is great that TJ’s likes to have fun with their beer packaging. They also did something similar with their Dunkelweizen; labeling it “Josephs Brau”. So I get to try this beer for a buck. You can’t beat that! If you want a whole six pack, it still ends up being a dollar a bottle. That is what the heart of this series is, Decent beer for a reasonable price! You don’t have to settle for sub par mass marketed beer if you are on a tight budget!
Trader Jose’s “Premium Dark Lager”, was my $1 loose bottle purchase. I had seen it earlier this summer at TJ’s but was waiting/hoping to find it as a loose bottle, because honestly I had reservations about it and did not want to be stuck with most of a six pack if I did not like it! It is brewed by the Tecate Beer Co. There is nothing on the bottle to indicate the ABV %.  It pours a dark amber with a thin off-white head that reduces to a thin barely there film. The nose is sweet and malty with caramel and yeast aromas. It is not too complex, with flavors of roasted grain and burnt sugar. It mellows out in the middle with a distinct nuttiness, that is followed by a short bitter hops finish. It does provide a pleasant aftertaste though. It seems perfect for mexican food or backyard grilling! I am not sure of the ABV % but I can’t imagine it being very high. As a matter of fact I will say it seems like an excellent session beer! This is an above average beer that has a great price point. Here’s to Good Beers!
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4 Responses to Trader Joe’s Brews Series #4 "Premium Dark Lager"

  1. @BeerPoet says:

    Fun series Jym. I miss Trader Joe's. Don't have them here in Idaho. Seems their product development model for beer is the same for the store: Good, interesting food and beverages for a value. Venture to guess that these beers could turn a few macrobrew fans into craft beer fans—or at least get them considering more interesting beer. Even if they're not the best beers out there. If they can do that, that's to be commended.

  2. Jym says:


    I am surprised, that there is no Trader Joe's in Idaho! But yes, I think the heart of this series has been that you can get above average beer for cheap. Ultimately helping people discover different styles of beer, while providing a higher quality than mass marketed beer! Indeed that is to be commended! Cheers Sir!

  3. Dogbite Williams says:

    RateBeer says this beer is 5.3% ABV.

    • BrewThusiast says:

      Dogbite, Good Call! 5 years ago when I reviewed this beer, it was not listed on Ratebeer. Cheers and thanks for the update!

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