Troegs “Flying Mouflan”

      One bonus that comes with drinking good craft beer is the labels. The artwork, and the names for the beers are often highly entertaining! Think about it. Not only are you getting a quality tasty brew, but you also get something aesthetically pleasing to gaze upon while you drink. Plus you get to tell your friends things like “I’m coming over and I’m bringing some “Raging Bitch”! You don’t really get that kind of experience with Macro-Beer! The other day I picked up a beer with a mysterious name and an interesting label.
      I picked up TroegsFlying MouflanBarley Wine. Barley Wine is a style I really have come to appreciate in the last year or so. When I am in the mood of a big flavorful beer I usually look for a Barley Wine. It poured a reddish mahogany with a two finger thick off-white head The aroma was unique with notes of sweet candy, hops, brown sugar, toffee, and citrus. The taste delivered bitter hops upfront, but gives way to sweeter caramel, molasses and coffee flavors. The finish goes from sweet to bitter with a touch of alcohol from the 9.3% ABV. This is an excellent brew that I can only imagine would get even better aged for a few years! Here’s to Good Beers!

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