Tun Tavern / All American I.P.A.

  I am a huge advocate of supporting local craft microbreweries. So no matter where I am I will jump at the chance to visit one. It may not be my local brewery, but it is someone’s local! I had the honor of being a groomsman for a good friend of mine. For his bachelor party we went to Atlantic City, NJ for a night on the town! So I did some homework and asked around on my twitter what the best place was to get some good brews and the general consensus for what I was looking for seemed to be the Tun Tavern.
    We arrived on a Tuesday night around 11pm. When you walk in it looked like what I expected. Big shiny tanks behind glass. Nice big wooden bar in the middle of the room. In addition to the ample seating in the restaurant there was outdoor seating as well. Being that it was almost midnight we all ordered appetizers. I enjoyed the “Tunion Rings”. We all also ordered the “Tun Sampler”, five 4oz taster glasses of their beers. The beers included were “Tun Light”, “Crimson Ale”, “Devil Dog Pale”, “Leather Neck Stout”, and “All American I.P.A.”.
    After Sampling all five beers, I decided I wanted to spend some more time with their “All American I.P.A.” It had a orangy amber body with a one finger thick sudsy, white head. There was a light citrus smell, along with hops and malt. The taste was much like the aroma with some grapefruit citrus and light floral hops. There were nice rye bread spice , and  sweet caramel malt flavors as well.. It had a nice long and dry, bitter finish. I wouldn’t  call this the most complex or exciting IPA I have ever had, but it is good, and it most certainly is the freshest IPA Atlantic City, NJ has to offer!
    If and when I find myself back in Atlantic City, I will definitely revisit the Tun Tavern. The food was good, the service was prompt, they changed the T.V. channel to what ever we wanted, the bathrooms were clean and the beer was fresh and tasty! The atmosphere was perfect for our bachelor party! We went late at night in the middle of the week, the place felt like it was ours! I am sure during more waking hours and on weekends it is packed! Either way the Tun Tavern is worth a visit! Here’s to Good Beers!
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