Twisted Manzanita “Witch’s Hair” Pumpkin Ale

      I hope everybody had a safe and spooky Halloween! Pumpkin beer season is not over in my opinion. As a matter of fact we are right in the prime of pumpkin beer season. I almost feel as if I’m trying pumpkin beers from September through October in order to figure out what pumpkin brew I will select to pair with Thanksgiving. I’ve definitely tried some some really good pumpkin beers this year and I hope you guys of been checking them out as well! This is one I ran into at the store last week. I’ve never seen it before, so I obviously had to pick it up and drink it that very same night! On to the brew…
Twisted Manzanita‘s “Witch’s Hair” Pumpkin Ale pours amber with orange edges. It tops itself off with a very thin beige head doesn’t last very long. The aroma is loaded with pumpkin pie spice, generous amounts of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Initially the taste is also dominated by those spices. Although the pumpkin/squash flavor does come out to play and is accompanied by brown sugar and molasses flavors. The mouth feels medium to thin, making this brew very easy to drink. The finish is is spicy and warming, which is understandable considering the 9% ABV on this pumpkin brew. All in all, I’d say this is a fine specimen that you should absolutely pick up and enjoy if you see it on your local shelves. Here’s to Good Beers!


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